A personal update.

Many of you may know, but I have had some health problems as of late. On the 28th of July I went to the emergency room because of a kidney stone. They did not remove the stone then because of an infection that I had in my kidney. Instead, they put a stint in and sent me home. Once my insurance company got involved my life has become a month long battle, of referrals, authorizations, doctor’s vacations, pain meds, peeing blood and disappointments. I know that I said earlier that I was going to have a release party for the book that I just got back from the printer. I don’t see anyway that it could be done now. I cannot be away from the bathroom for any extended amount of time let alone tip a beer back and talk art with anyone.
I am going to release the book on the website and start planning to attend a convention or two later this year. I would also ask that anyone who reads this and is interested in going in on half a table at MoCCA this year should contact me. It comes up very soon and I would like to attend as a creator this year. If you know anyone please feel free to put them in touch with me. My email address is captain moral authority at gee mail dot com (all one big word of course).
With all of that shame and disappointment out of the way I present to you an Anthology. Its 40 pages of full color art in a bound book, not stapled mind you, an actual binding. Its a little pricey at $8 but its a small print run and I am not making much money off this at all. I will ship anywhere you want.


The contents of this book have already been published on this website, for free, over the last year or so. So if you are looking for new content you may be disappointed. There is also one major/minor printing error in the book so feel free to correct me about it, but I know its there.

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