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I have been working hard this summer in pursuit of some pretty big goals: I want to have an art show of some sort, I want to release a book, and I want to make sure I released a summer T-shirt. I wanted to do all of those things at the same time. . . not gonna happen. But with some help and support I can make all of those things happen, at some point, this summer. I am still very much planning to release a book, its going to be an anthology of sorts. Its going to to contain a lot of the content you see here for FREE. I’m really trying to do a lot more to monazite what I am doing on this site. So far, many of these ventures have not yielded any real profits. Thats not really why I do this. I really like T-shirts and comics, I like to buy those things. There are not many things that I enjoy spending my money on more than those two things. Maybe you are of some similar feelings and like me or my work. Thats it. I’m not asking you to support me just to help me support the artistic endeavors that you see here. I sincerely hope that you get something out of too. I look forward to a time when we might all gather and talk about each others artistic endeavors.

With all of that said and done I would like to tell you about the new T-shirt that I designed. Its printed on a much softer and more lightweight fabric than any of my other shirts. Its still an ANVIL shirt, its just their Anvil Sustainable shirt. Its a blend of organic cotton and post consumer polyester. Many of my favorite older T-shirts are cotton poly blends. This is one of two colors that this shirt comes in. I will reveal the other color sometime next week.

Its based on this pen and ink drawing I posted a few weeks ago.





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