All you comics weirdos.. . . I love you. . . I really. . .Do

I’ve been going to MoCCA for years. Next year… yes next year I wil attend. This year I feel compelled to tell you how I spent my money. It was well spent. . . $115 minus my $15 admission.

sweater weather
Sweat Shirt Weather is the work of one Nick Offerman. He was a mild mannered guy, seemed a little shy. I was attracted to the title Sweatshirt Weather. . . because I like Sweatshirt Weather. I bought everything the guy had out there and have already read a handful. Most of this seems to be slice of life weirdness, and its super fun.

This print was made by Alison Wight. She was a super nice lady. I was attracted to this print and then I started talking to her. . . we talked about tattoos and making art and I bought some things. Her website is Sent From The Moon She has several prints and comics available. You can also peruse her web comics there. Most of her stuff is on the funny witty side.


Antonio Romero is a fellow that I have seen at MoCCA a couple of times. The last time he had a book featuring a superhero Ham. It was funny and well drawn and he was a nice guy. This time he had a large collection of stories. In addition to that he was selling drawings for $20. He had taken the drawings from the books cut them up and resembled them. This one I couldn’t resist. His site is Artichoke Presents. You can see a lot of artwork and read some comics.


Coin Op is a series of comics by a brother and sister. Peter and Maria Hoey have incredibly designed work. These 7″ books feature a screen printed cover and offset printing on the inside. They are beautiful. They have great paper quality and such interesting design. Their website is Coin Op Books/a>. I talked to Maria at the con for a few minutes. They seems to be keeping busy and will be heading up to TCAF.


Neil Dvorak had the most unique set up at the show. He had an old fashioned wooden desk with a carpet and unique furnishings. His art style is just as unique. It seems to speak to a style reserved to IKEA catalogs and choking victim signs. Its beautiful and intricate. He sells a package of comics which is very well designed, witty and fun. His website, Easy Pieces, is fun and looks fantastic.

There are so many comics out there. . . so many. People are making them and people are buying them. It was a great time and I talked to a lot of great people.

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