Uther Doul


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Cartoonist and writer living in NYC.
  1. Just started reading this book (“The Scar” China Mieville) because I saw you were illustrating it… great book so far, with a lot of nice imagery to draw on.

  2. Thats exciting. Its a great book. Its taken me way too long to read though. Too many other things on my plate.

  3. You did it! Other people draw Doul like he’s played by something between Matthew McConnaughey and a drummer from a bullshit Disney boy punk band, but you didn’t fall into that trap – maybe he’s the meanest the George Clooney’s ever been here. It’s the possibility fighting that’s the best. I’m glad you’re doing all of this . . .

  4. Uhm. . . I think its the meanest Bruce Campbell has ever been.

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