A Preview. . . and a few words from my friend and collaborator Ryan McCarty.

A couple years ago, Ryan and I met Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool at a signing at Bergen Street Comics. The more free beers we had, the funnier a world with Ben and Ben / Ryan and Ryan writer and penciler team-ups seemed to be. So I’ve been thinking about working with him for a while. I mean, it started a long time before that, but I’m blaming it on the Bens. Anyway, we put together another story that might see the light of day sometime or other, but for now the world gets this. There’s a lot of familiar themes going into it – thankless work, crushes, restaurants, drinky humor, sad bastards, and making fantasies out of the very worst of life. There’s some political undertones coming out of all the places we’ve lived together and some unintentional inside jokes. There’s some filth. Basically, I’m excited to finally be working with this guy, something that probably seemed like a no-brainer to a lot of people for a long time. Hope some of those people enjoy it.

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Cartoonist and writer living in NYC.
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  1. Who the hell you think you are, Larry Hama? Put some words in there. You got a co-writer who don’t write? And is that the Bronx? Looks like the Bronx to me.

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