NYCC was this weekend. It was a hoot. I’ve been going to this con since 2005 and every year it gets bigger, better, and crazier. Two years ago during the con I got deathly ill and spent the rest of the weekend in bed. That is where this website came from. This year by Sunday I was burned out. I decided to stay home and away from people before the work week begins. I should have got caught up on other projects that deserve my attention or drawings that I owe people for T-shirts they have bought, but OH NO I didn’t. This piece was done using a program called Manga Studio. I have had this software recommended to me more than once. This weekend at the con both Mike Norton and Fiona Staples were proclaiming that its what they use to make most of their line art. Both are terrific artists so I gave it a try. I have a lot of bugs to work out. My usual method of drawing involve hand drawn images and photoshop’s pen tool (I have never gotten the hang of the pen tool in illustrator although everyone tells me its better). I think after using this program, it will become a staple in my drawing routine. It gives the lines a hand drawn look without having all the tricks of importing an actual drawing. Its not quite there yet but it shows promise.

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Cartoonist and writer living in NYC.
  1. it makes ur guys look like farel dalyrmple drew them

  2. Awww shucks. Thats a compliment if I ever heard one.

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