Hulk is sad about the end of Captain Moral Authority.

The last few months have been bad. I quit a job, that was not always pleasant, but which I had for a while. I now have a new job, which doesn’t pay quite as well. The lapse of employment has depleted my savings. And while in the midst of a financial recoup I find out that I have gout.
I am just going to say this as plain as I can, I cannot create another 32 page comic in the midst of all this shit. Captain Moral Authority will cease publication at issue 2. I will continue to write and plot this book. Right now it is far too frustrating for me to work on this large of a story with the limited resources at my disposal. I thank all 5 of you that have supported the book thus far. I have every desire to finish the story and for the book to somehow find an audience. In the meantime I need to focus myself on smaller projects that feel more rewarding to me. Mainly because I don’t have it in me to pursue another year long stint drawing this book on nights and my two days of a week. I also feel that the book is suffering from infrequent publishing and no model for distribution. I intend to try some different things. I have no plans to publish anything in print in the foreseeable future. For anything comic related by Ryan Haines keep coming back here.

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