Things I’ve been reading.

In the midst of trying to write the next issue of Captain Moral Authority I have been working on my to read pile. I knocked off three books this week worth mentioning. The first is an epic undertaking by Rob Walton called Ragmop.

Ragmop is a densely woven story about the intersection of capitalism, democracy, and religion. Its done in a style not unlike a Chuck Jones directed Looney Tunes cartoon. Rob Walton has a background in animation so this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Its funny and dark and a whole lot of silly. It does veer off into some fairly indulgent little rants but with a story as big and epic as Ragmop I think its forgivable.

The next thing I read was a volume of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol series. Sometimes you just miss the boat on great comics when they come out. Going back and catching up on one of the series that made Morrison the man he is today has been amazing. This volume seems to really have cemented my love for this book. We finally get an origin to Morrison’s Flex Mentallo character. Lets just say that there is something near and dear to my heart about a character who can flex his muscles and make every single person in the building fall over in uncontrollable orgasms.

Finally we come to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Criminal series. Vol 2 is titled Lawless. It follows a character named Tracy Lawless who is trying to avenge his brother’s murder. Its the kind of writing that Ed Brubaker does the best. Its dark with complex morality. Its one of the best crime comics I have ever read. Its also interesting to see this volume connect with the previous volume.. Its not a direct continuation of the story but its defiantly a shared universe. Every characters name must be remembered because you never know when that information will inform a future story. Its the kind of continuity that comic fans love.

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