Oops forgot a letter in this issue’s letter coloumn

I just finished the first issue again – it’s worth going through a couple times – but I’ve got a complaint. I think you’re insulting your audience. How are we supposed to believe that a guy who is still wailing out the Toadies doesn’t drink cheap beer?

Not that I can blame the guy though – his mom looks like Walter Mathau in drag. If my mom was Walter Mathau in drag, I’d pour it down. Plus, he works at a deli counter. I knew a guy who worked at a deli counter and he practically lived off PBR and bottom-barrel bourbon.

Which brings me to characters and a hi-five for you. You’ve got the eye, man. I’ve gotta say that there aren’t a ton of books out there that take the time to fully characterize basic background characters, but you do it with EVERYONE. I know everything I need (or want) to know about those girls in line at the deli, even if there’s more to come of them later.

And Steve’s co-worker? I’m glad you let him live. That was a silver medal beard and the world could do with more of those. Keep everything coming, except for the class hatred. Let Steve embrace his urban Ohio roots and swill away. Looking forward to the next issue.

Mr. Tremont Spring
Bronx, NY

Since I forgot to print Mr. Tremont Spring’s letter in the latest issue of Captain Moral Authority I thought I would do so here. He has some fine points. Character design is one thing I take a little bit of pride in. You only get so much space to tell your story. Comics combine visual and literary storytelling. It has to be more than what characters are saying.
Firstly, why does Steve dislike the accusation of drinking cheap beer? Steve, much like myself, drinks as a matter of pride not desperation. Or wait, is that the other way around. Perhaps Steve is as confused as a I am.
Second, Steve’s mom. Many people believe that she is based on my mother. That is not true. While she may smoke and drink as much as my mom does that is where the similarities end. Steve’s mom is a very strong character. I think we will see in later issues she doesn’t take any guff. In case my mom might read this, neither does my mom.
Third, those girls in the deli. I have plans for them. We’ll have to see if I get around to telling that story. If not, I think the page they appear on may be all the info you need about those two.
Fourth, Steve’s co-workers. Hmmm those are based very closely on some people I used to work with.

Thanks for the letter and thanks for all the compliments. New issue just got sent to the printer. So we can perhaps get some further updates and reviews for that coming up.

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  1. Ah! I thought that Steve’s mum was Mrs Haines too. It’s obvious, to me at least, that Steve resembles the author quite a bit… which made the nude scenes that much more traumatizing.

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