Dystopian dream machine.

Doesn’t it always seem like the world is coming apart at the seams? Your government is run by a bunch of A-holes who don’t give a shit about you. Your job seems to take a chunk out of you every day. You never have enough money. Somebody is always trying to take a little more of your space. . . well maybe thats just in New York. The point is we seem to be living in the perpetual bad times.
Science fiction seems to deal with this by presenting us with one dystopia after another. From Star Wars to Philip K Dick its one junked up future after another. Perhaps this is some attempt to make us romanticize our current times. Perhaps its a lack of prescription anti-depressants in the Science Fiction community. Well whatever it is, our future seems to look grim.
I try to create characters that embody the ills of our society, as I see them. I see many of my characters as flawed. They are shaped by the society around them. They are flawed by their “cog in the machine” nature.
It sounds grander than it appears. I have epic plans for this comic, if I ever get around to it. Let me give you a preview of a character that I have not yet introduced. . . . he is the embodiment of evil. He is the Devil’s Grandfather. (much thanks to Ryan McCarty and The Fiery Furnaces).

As you can read he is a small business owner. This might not seems so villainous to you but I assure you there are many small business owners out there who are grade A villains. They hate taxes and unemployment insurance. They often demand a higher level of productivity from their workers without not nearly as many benefits or protections of larger corporations or unionized work-forces. Their justification for this is “hey I’m the little guy”. Its funny how with a wink and nod you can make the world around you seem dystopian. Most people don’t because well. . . its depressing. I’m just the kind of sad sack who really throws his back into it though. I’m your dystopian dream machine.

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Cartoonist and writer living in NYC.
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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked for that guy in one form or another more or less all of my life and I’ve seen his horns more than once.

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