I used to take my art more seriously than my day job.

I drew this at the hardware store where I work during the daytime/weekday hours. I did this a while back. I hadn’t been working there for very long. Now a days I can’t imagine slacking enough to doodle like this on the clock. I’m not sure if this represents a shift in my priorities or a greater commitment to my day job. Either way I don’t do as much drawing as I would like. This was part of several drawings of random customers I drew that day. I think this turned out the best. These are always helpful to have around when you are trying to design new characters.

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Cartoonist and writer living in NYC.
  1. This is really cool. I love your drawings and your writing. It’s jungle out there, in New York City, but never forget the paradise within. When I was a kid, I used to draw cartoons and invent stories… perhaps I can still go back to visit that place… best of lucks in everything you do, day or night jobs… or whatever, Christina

  2. Thanks a lot. I may not be in love with New York anymore but I certainly like it a lot. I didn’t come here with any romantic visions of making it big. I just wanted to live in a place that would inspire me to make art every day. If I had the time I’m sure I would. `

  3. Wow! That’s awesome.

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