Laying head to pillow trying not to confuse yourself with a sucker

A major theme of this blog is taking myself more seriously as an artist. I don’t want anyone to confuse that with me not taking my art seriously, because I do. I would say two of the things that I don’t take as seriously as most artists are: process and materials. No matter how much those things were pushed on me when I was in art school I still haven’t embraced them as part of my craft. In fact I hate the words process, materials, and craft. I am more concerned with the end product. When you hold the book in your hand and read it, thats all I care about. I never keep my pencils, I never produce original pages, and I am pretty sure that none of my materials are archival.

I don’t know why I produce work the way I do. These days I try not to think about it too much. I think a better use of my time is just producing the work. Sometimes its a weird hair pulling affair. These days its getting a lot easier.

Theses are the pencils for the cover of issue one. Looking at these pencils makes me rethink my approach to making the book.

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