Some Russian Dude.

Its hard to create content for a blog. I don’t even know who is reading this but somehow I feel I should say something important. I spent a whole day, sick in bed, writing a long essay comparing the romanticism of Picasso to that of Jack Kirby. Then I realized, who cares what I think.

So now I am just going to start posting some character sketches that I did early on for the book. Give you some background into who these characters are and who they were intended to be.

This is one of the, as yet unnamed, Russian brothers. This character was developed very much out my experience with how American culture is perceived in Eastern Europe. Growing up in the 80s and early 90s I never experience the height of the cold war. But I sure do miss all of the Russian stereotypes in American comics. These characters carry a nostalgia for me that I can’t quit put my finger on. Its definitely a throw back.

The reason that the Russian brothers don’t have names should get addressed in issue 3 or 4. Its definitely intended to make the reader question and be slightly wary of these characters. I tend to think that they are some of the more likable characters in the book. They certainly are some of the most fun to write and draw.

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